9 Mission Trips to Cuba… and Counting

As I embarked on my first mission trip to Cuba, I didn’t think I’d come back multiple times. Not only have I been nine times, but I also plan to return on a future trip. Now, you may be wondering, “With so much work to be done in communities around the world, why Cuba?” There are countless reasons most people would never guess.

The Book of Acts may best be described as a history of the founding and growth of the early church. The house churches in Cuba are how I visualize the early church. There’s something about the nostalgia of that time in history and being a part of a similar movement in another country. Like back then, Cubans are a strong community of believers who rely on God for their every need. That’s why worship services are powerful. People walk away changed, no matter what their spiritual condition was beforehand. Being a part of this experience is a way for me to show my friends and others what The Book of Acts looks like today.

The fellowship that occurs among the volunteers is incredibly deep. It’s more than just eating together, worshiping together, and helping others. When your life is changed by the experience that you share, you form a bond that’s indescribable.

With very little outside help for Cubans, the support we provide makes a significant impact on their lives. I love seeing their joy when we provide basic conveniences, like tile floors or reading glasses. We take these simple things for granted in this country, and our support goes a long way for them.

Whether it’s the phone, laptop, or tablet, being tethered to your screen takes time away from the things that really matter. For me, the mission trip is the ultimate “God vacation.” It’s a time for me to disconnect from modern-day distractions and read the bible, worship, and pray for long periods. It fills my soul in ways that I need, and it’s impossible to do in this country. There’s always someone to get back to or something that needs to be done. Getting away allows me to use my time in more meaningful ways.

I love meeting pastors at their homes, eating the fruit they’ve carefully prepared, sharing simple conversations, and praying together. I feel honored to support such Godly and high-impact leaders in doing God’s work.

For me, that’s what continues to draw me back to Cuba. Maybe you’re thinking about joining or supporting a mission trip. If so, you’ll never regret your decision. Everyone takes away something different from the experience. That’s why I enjoy sharing stories with those who’ve been on the trip with me. You meet new friends and create new memories every time.

-Jay F.

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