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The Journey to Cuba

We are all made in God’s image, and when an image bearer shows up, his people are encouraged.

True to our name, on a mission trip, we come alongside leaders of the Church in Cuba. We encourage church and ministry leaders by letting them know they are not alone in fulfilling God’s calling. We do this by showing up, especially when they live in rural areas where months or even years can go by before anyone focuses time and resources on the work God has called them to do. Imagine feeling this isolated. Then, someone comes to pray with you, share a meal, worship, learn about your ministry, and deliver much-needed supplies for your family and work. You can see why friendships are quickly forged as we travel the countryside of Cuba on a journey God laid out for us.

What most people find surprising when they join a mission trip is how God steps in and shows up in ways they’d never dreamed of. For example, a pastor praying and asking God for a flashlight because there’s work to do before sunrise. Then, twelve hours later, a flashlight is provided. Or what if your community needed a blood pressure cuff, and as the church prayed, a week later, one was delivered, which was nearly identical to the picture you were praying over? What would you do if your child couldn’t see well? You’d pray. Envision watching a mother’s face as her child puts glasses on for the first time and can better see the world around her. By the end of a trip, we find that God used our trip to answer prayers right before our eyes. He also uses our trip and those we meet to speak into our lives with clarity and purpose. So, if you think a mission trip is only about those we visit, you’re in for a big surprise when God focuses Himself on you as we drive that same countryside.

Join us on a mission trip and discover how God works in the lives of those who follow Jesus Christ and those being called to follow Him. Experience the deep spiritual commitment of the Christians in Cuba. Meet local pastors and develop a personal relationship with them through prayer and fellowship. You’ll be inspired by the churches you visit and the people you meet and encouraged through worship services and the faith and resilience of the Cubans. They may be materially poor compared to many, but it is unmistakable that they are rich in the hope that Jesus provides.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am. Send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

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“I witnessed God's presence in the people and culture. Cubans love their country and are indescribably resourceful, generous, grateful and humble - sharing much from their limited means. A window is open, and God is moving, changing the hearts and eternal destinies of His children, both young and old.”

– Michael N.


"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and worship with members of the Body of Christ in Cuba who model dependence on the Lord! During trips with Atulado, God graciously used us to remind our hermanos en Christo that they are not alone; and He used our brothers and sisters in Christ to teach us how to faithfully wait on Him."

– Kari C.


“While I was initially nervous about joining the team, I am so grateful I went because God used this time to show me what He is doing in Cuba and changed me in ways I could not have imagined.”

– Blake P.


"I was unsure about traveling to Cuba. Wayne had traveled many times and always encouraged me to join a trip. Once I went, it changed my life in so many ways. I go not because I think I can encourage others even though we do. I go because of the encouragement, hospitality, prayer, and love of Jesus that is shown to me in every person I meet."

– Renee S.


“I was so impressed that they were always willing to open their homes and hearts to us, no matter how little they had to share. They had such worshipful hearts, singing for the Lord. The one song that stands out was entitled "Libre" or Free. While materially poor, they were truly free, Free in Christ. On each trip, I met some very special people with hearts filled with love for the Lord.”

– Jeff A.


"God used Cuba to teach me. For instance, prayer is a mighty force in Cuba and so impactful. Our family has received many prayers over the years, and I have seen many answered prayers for my family. So, God showed me that I need to be open and aware of what He wants to reveal to me so I can pray in His will."

– Katherine S.


"My trip was fun, sad, surprising, impactful, and encouraging all at the same time. The material poverty was striking, but we never heard any complaints. Instead, we witnessed people deeply committed to following Jesus and making His name known. Little churches of 20-30 people had a mission plan to reach their neighboring villages! I was inspired by the many kind people who are on fire for the Lord and work tirelessly to make the name of Jesus known."

– Tom F.


"I saw a note in a church bulletin about a trip to Cuba, and God put that on my heart. While I did not speak Spanish and had not traveled much, I have gone twice to Cuba. I remember open and free worship, praying and encouraging others, sometimes in very remote places with few resources, and being encouraged. If you see Atulado's mission of equipping with tangible items and just "being" with others as encouragement, I encourage you to pray and see if God leads you to join a trip."

– Kevin M.

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