Twelve Hours Later

As part of our trip to Cuba we visited many pastors to hear their stories, the struggles they encounter, and the joys they experience in their lives.  These stories stand as evidence of how God is working in Cuba through those who have chosen to serve Him.  God also uses these stories to speak directly to me in a way that continues to draw me back to Cuba and His people.  From time to time, God even puts me in the middle of a story.

About midway through our trip we were heading to a place somewhere between farms and the pristine beaches of Cuba.  We had supplies with us we felt would be helpful for this particular pastor and we were looking forward to meeting her.  After jumping off the “main” road the dirt side road eventually took us to a very small house.  Inside we had a chance to meet the pastor and hear her story.  Her perseverance and willingness to sacrifice for the Kingdom was moving!  As the time came for us to leave we gave her a bag of supplies.  We don’t go through the bag item by item, but there were a few things which needed a bit of an explanation.  For instance, we needed to explain how the thumb drive is part of the bible study book and how the water filter works.  We also put the LED flashlight with the charger so they know it is rechargeable.  The hooks on the light and the magnetic ends are cool too.  When we got to the flashlight, she stopped me and began to tell us what happened earlier that morning. 

Her husband works in the fields during the day and she gets up at four o’clock in the morning to make him coffee before he catches the tractor which takes the workers to the field.  Many mornings the power is out and she has to make the coffee using a flashlight.  Today was one of those days, but the flashlight would not work.  Frustrated and disappointed, she and her husband simply prayed for the ability to get a new flashlight.  They didn’t have the money to get one, and if they did, you just can’t drop into a store and buy a new one.  It just doesn’t work that way.  So they did what they do for most things, they prayed and asked God to provide.  Twelve hours later a group of fellow Christians show up in a white van and deliver a flashlight better than they could have imagined.  Tears of joy flowed and it was an amazing moment for all of us.

To some it was just a flashlight, but for me seeing a prayer answered with such abundance in just twelve hours is something I will never forget, be eternally grateful for, and will serve as a reminder that sometimes God’s timing is twelve hours later.

-Wayne S.

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