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A Shared Mission United Us for God’s Kingdom    

Imagine putting your surgery on hold because your doctor didn’t have the necessary medical supplies to operate. Although we’ve always known about the medication shortage in Cuba, which includes basic over-the-counter items like Neosporin or aspirin, it took probing deeper to grasp the full extent and level of need for medical supplies. From syringes for a penicillin shot to cure...

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Remaining Faithful to God Through 26 Moves

How many times have you moved? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Now, what if you had to move 26 times in six years? That’s a lot of packing and unpacking! Yet, this was the reality for a pastor and his wife in a small community in Cuba. Through each move, they remained...

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The Journey in Receiving a 40-Fold Blessing

I traveled to Cuba for the first time in 2009, and January marked my 40th trip to support what God is doing through His Church in Cuba. Throughout this incredible journey, I encountered canceled flights, countless delays, and so many Customs inspections, to the point where I became recognized as a regular. I experienced diverted flights to the Bahamas, lots...

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The Blessing of Renewed Vision

In the classic movie, A Christmas Story, Ralphie desperately wants a Red Ryder Range BB gun for Christmas, despite everyone's warning, "You'll shoot your eye out." As Ralphie’s last gift on Christmas morning, he unwraps the gun from his father, loads it, and darts outside. His first shot backfires, and Ralphie’s glasses fly off his face. Panicked, he blindly searches through...

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A Renewed Spiritual Walk with God

If you can join a mission trip to Cuba, just do it!  The hospitality of the Cuban people makes you feel at home even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Joining a mission trip is an experience that will change your life, just as it has mine.  I had been to Cuba several times with my church before COVID-19 and wished...

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A Family Man with a Giant Heart for the Lord

Many describe him as a gentle giant. Pastor Reinier Núñez Pérez towers over six feet tall and weighs about 330 pounds. While he may appear to possess the strength of a warrior, Núñez’s humble spirit, kindness, and love for the Lord radiates with everyone he meets as he shepherds the congregation entrusted to him and faithfully serves God in all...

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Licensed to Ship Shapes Our Future Impact

Since the beginning of this ministry, the challenge has always been getting resources to Cuba efficiently with scalability. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of lessons, tried many hacks, and modified plans as policies changed, but nothing made the process efficient, let alone scalable. Except now, thanks to an export license issued by the Department of Commerce and having...

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Partners in Marriage, Life, & Ministry

Every pastor needs a strong supporter in ministry, and often, it’s a spouse. With Pastor Oskel Mariño Reyes and his wife, Vilmaris Laurencio Sablon, it's more than support; they’re true partners in life and ministry. Their partnership was woven together by the hand of God. By working alongside each other to serve God and their community as a team, Oskel...

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Technology Furthers God’s Kingdom       

For many pastors and leaders serving the Church in Cuba, creating sermons, Bible study lessons, and program materials is done the old-school way, using pencil and paper while referencing the Bible. This process takes a long time, misses the benefits of technology, and makes it challenging to replicate and share information with fellow pastors or leaders. Unfortunately, laptops in Cuba are...

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A Powerful Tool for Evangelism

How many times a day do you pour yourself a glass of water, replenish your child's water glass, or use water to mix baby formula? Most of us probably need to drink more water, and it’s easily available to us. What if your next glass of water has a yellow or brown color or an odd smell? Worse yet, you’re...

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