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A Bicycle Takes You Further

If you walk, you can only go so far. Traveling by foot takes an incredible amount of time for pastors and leaders in Cuba that need to visit and care for their congregation. But with a bicycle, they can share the word of God with more people and positively impact more lives. Several vehicles exist to take a person from...

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An Awkward Conversation Can Change Everything  

Who would have known that an awkward conversation would turn into an opportunity to help a dream come true? But God knew. He opened a door for me to listen and for Atulado to support a vision that will touch the lives of others. Many women in Cuba don’t have the feminine products they need. The cost and even access...

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The Power of Prayer

What if your phone rang, and you learned a guest was on the way? How would you feel? Most people would feel panicked as they scurry around, getting the house ready for guests. When a pastor gets a call that we’re coming, the visit can happen within minutes. Of course, the pastor feels anxious to meet a stranger from America...

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After the Pandemic

In the 80s, Russia started to support Cuba and times were relatively good. Then, when Russia fell, it was a disaster for Cuba. As a result, the government imposed a special period to ration items. For Cubans, the special period may have felt similar to the Great Depression for Americans. However, in America, children now only know about the Great...

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A Snow Shovel in Cuba

I met Javiel and his family in October 2011 while on a mission trip to Cuba. He’s a pastor who loves and cares for his community and church. He appeared a little overwhelmed and nervous about meeting us for the first time because he was not accustomed to hosting Americans and wanted the best for us even though they had...

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Change on a Dime

May 3, 2022 Imagine getting paid in a currency you can’t use or having limitations on what you can buy. Unfortunately, many Cubans face this frustration daily. To experience what it’s like, put yourself in Ariel’s shoes and walk with me.  Another long work week ends, and Ariel gets paid in your country's national currency - the Cuban peso (CUP)....

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From Pitcher to Preacher

Meet Osmani Sosa. He’s the type of guy everyone wants to call a friend. His positive energy acts as a magnet, drawing others to him. People admire his relentless nature, passion, and love for the Lord. Then, there’s baseball. Many Cubans and baseball lovers know that in the mid to late 90s, he was one of the top pitchers in...

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Twelve Hours Later

As part of our trip to Cuba we visited many pastors to hear their stories, the struggles they encounter, and the joys they experience in their lives.  These stories stand as evidence of how God is working in Cuba through those who have chosen to serve Him.  God also uses these stories to speak directly to me in a way...

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What God Intended by These Journeys

When I first went to Cuba I was troubled by how little it seemed we were “doing”, at least in comparison with a lifetime experience of mission trips. While we talked about relationships and I enjoyed the experiences, it took me a couple of visits and prayerful insight to discover that these are really what I call “Hebrews 10 Opportunities”....

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5 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Midway through our trip we had travelled hundreds of miles on winding mountain roads which at times would have paid for the compliment of being called a road.  We had visited with and prayed with many families.  At the same time we were tired; I was tired.  This day had already felt long, it was raining all day, and we...

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