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A Powerful Tool for Evangelism

How many times a day do you pour yourself a glass of water, replenish your child's water glass, or use water to mix baby formula? Most of us probably need to drink more water, and it’s easily available to us. What if your next glass of water has a yellow or brown color or an odd smell? Worse yet, you’re...

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Dancing with a Purpose: Transforming Lives Through Christ

You may think of praying or singing as a regular part of worship. But have you thought about dancing as worship? For Ana, God called her to dance at a very young age as a way to worship. And she didn’t just dance. This ignited a passion within her to cultivate a ministry that reaches others and transforms lives through...

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Rural Pastor with a Horse and Buggy Can Reach Many for Christ

A countryside pastor living in the town of Jesus Rabi, with a horse and buggy, is how Rafael Palacio Rodrigues spends his days serving the Lord. Married for over 29 years, he and his wife Yusmary work side by side to spread the Gospel to those in his small community. They have a son, Samuel, 23, and a daughter, Sarai,...

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Living With Purpose

Ivetty (everyone calls her Betty) Diaz Clavero felt God’s calling to serve through language translation as a young girl. Her father is a pastor, and in high school, she learned English and began helping her father translate conversations with visitors in their church. Betty wanted to be an English teacher, so she studied at the university and graduated in 2019....

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Hospital Visits That Nurture the Soul

If you’re in the U.S. and need to stay in the hospital, while you may not look forward to staying, at least you know it's a safe place to heal and recover. That experience is much different in Cuba. Many non-medical caregiving tasks fall on a family member, such as changing bedpans or bathing, whereas nurses and hospital staff perform...

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The Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Who will be the future leaders of the Church in Cuba? It’s evident if you attend a ministry event or worship gathering - the church's youth and often the leaders' children. Their natural curiosity draws them to the pulpit during a service, they're cradled to sleep by the beautiful melody of worship music, and when they're old enough, they're eager to pitch...

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Faith Through the Storm & Beyond

After Hurricane Ian struck Cuba, Pastor Carlos Melia helped throughout the recovery and was truly the hands and feet on the ground coordinating relief efforts for his area. At first, Carlos couldn’t envision implementing such a task, but God knew he was ready. A long-time friend of Atulado’s, we met Carlos in 2011. In addition to being a pastor with...

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Answering God’s Call to Serve

Sometimes God opens a door to when and where you need to serve. That's how our paths connected with Teresa Agüero and the elderly ministry. During one mission trip to Cuba, I gave a testimony about my elderly father and grandparents, who recently passed away. Afterward, Teresa shared that she was moved by my passion for encouraging those at the...

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The Unexpected Gift of Joining a Mission Trip

When we decided to join a mission trip, we knew serving and helping others would be a big part of the experience. But we never knew how much we would get in return. Wayne and I worked together for years, and I’d hear stories about his mission trips. Then, I started giving monthly to support the mission and received the...

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Beautifully Capturing What He Sees

Have you ever met someone who can paint a striking resemblance of a photo on canvas? That's Daniel. I met Daniel about nine years ago. Back then, I'd walk through small towns in Cuba, take a Polaroid picture of a family, and give them the photo on the spot. It was a hit because many people didn't have a way...

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